Putin, Erdogan launch Turkey’s first nuclear power plant

Putin, Erdogan launch Turkey's first nuclear power plant

Turkey’s first nuclear power plan (Map AKKuyu site – Courtesy Google search)


Accessed 05 April 2018

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The start of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant is another sign of cozy relations between Turkey and Russia. Turkish, Russia and Iranian leaders are to hold a summit on Syria.

The two leaders watched cement pouring at the $20 billion (€16.3 billion) Akkuyu nuclear power plant through a video link from Erdogan’s sprawling 1,100 room presidential palace in Ankara.

The joint venture already broke ground once in 2015 before being put on hold after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane along the Syrian border, causing relations between Moscow and Ankara to nosedive.

A U-turn in relations has witnessed the two countries closely cooperate on Syria and expand economic ties.

Putin and Erdogan met eight times last year and spoke often, signaling the two leaders have been able to compartmentalize their differences at a time when both countries face deteriorating relations with the West.



  1. The ‘re-strengthening’ of Turkey-Russia ties, after shooting down of a Russian aircraft in Syria by Turkey reflects: (1) the diplomatic statecraft acumen of Turkish leadership, and (2) Russian ‘political requirement’ of wooing an important NATO member (Turkey) at this time of rising US-Russia tension.  
  2. The developing political ‘closeness’ of Russia, Turkey, Iran (and may as well be of China too) is a very significant aspect to watch.